Monday, March 12, 2012

What You Should Know About Medical And Term Life Insurance

Insurance is a form of risk management used mainly to soften the blow of unexpected misfortune, like death or permanent disability, of either yourself or a loved one. With so many different types of insurances available from different corporate bodies, it is your choice which type will bring the best benefits to you and your family. All insurances require a premium to be paid in exchange for the final policy that will release the total sum insured, with very attractive bonuses added-on in the final days.

One of the most popular forms of insurance is medical life insurance, better known as health insurance. Medical life policies will often cover the cost of private medical treatments at facilities for unconventional medical procedures which may cost more. Generally, this form of insurance is considered a luxury by most, although it may result in quicker health care with better facilities. Having no medical life insurance may just mean specific, sometimes necessary medical procedures may not be available to you.

Medical life insurance is normally offered by employers to those working more than six months in the company. If so, it may be voluntary which means the plan is deductible from the employees' monthly salary and is usually up for offer after a certain period of employment, for example six months into the company. Medical life insurance information on premiums rates, coverage and add-on coverage can be obtained from the insurance companies or agents you are buying your policy from. No two medical insurance information, prices and coverage are exactly alike - while one medical life insurance may be cheaper, the coverage may be less than the other.

Coverage for this include annual health screenings, health and wellness resources, national network of medical facilitators, coverage for medical travel, quicker claims process and many other additional services.

You will also notice that medical life insurance may be regarded in a different light than other insurance forms. No medical life insurance prices are available online, for example, even though there are various plans offered from any one insurance company. This is most probably because your choice of plan may reflect your society status and may attract undue attention to you.

Another type of insurance offered is the term life insurance. Term life insurance provides protection for a stated time period - a temporary insurance that goes into effect for a limited time for a limited sum. It is probably the most uncomplicated form of life insurance and developed to provide temporary protection on a smaller, more affordable budget.

One of the qualities of term life insurance is that it can be purchased in large amounts for a relatively small initial premium. Suitable for short-range goals, term life insurance coverage can be used to pay off a loan, or providing extra life insurance protection during the child-raising years. Term life insurance has some distinct features which include affordability, particularly at the initial stages of the insurance, adjustable premiums (but never exceeding the maximum premium rate stated in your policy rate card), renewability upon policy expiry and the possible conversion to a permanent life insurance policy. However, this last feature may not be available on all term life insurances.

Term life insurance functions in a similar way to most other types of insurances. It satisfies claims against what is insured as long as premiums are paid up and the policy is not expired. The best example of this particular type of insurance is vehicle insurance, where claims against the insured are satisfied in an accident. It is the same for home insurances where the home is insured for the eventful possibility of a fire or natural disaster destroying it. While there may be no certainties that these incidences will happen, the term life insurance covers the policyholder for the possibility of it happening.

However, if no claims were filed, there is no expectation of a return of the premiums paid and the insurance may or may not be renewed. In cases of vehicle and home insurances, the term life insurance acts purely as a risk protection agent.

Whichever insurance you finally decide on will depend on your personal and professional reasons for taking up the policy, budget and most importantly, the coverage you will be receiving. At the end of the day, the insurance is supposed to ease your living a little bit and not act like an added financial burden.

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