Monday, August 15, 2011

Wireless Electronic Security System for your Car

wireless security system

Why security system for you wheels really useful? Having your own car is exciting part of everyone's achievement. So having your car secured should be considers rather that setting aside and having accessories or modifications.

Each wheel and wheel hub have wireless sensors mounted on them. If the wheel is removed from the hub, a wireless signal is triggered sounding the alarm. A dashboard mounted status display indicator gives current status of all wheel sensors.
Wheel Safe® passively arms when the ignition is turned off.
If a wheel is removed without proper authorization, the system is triggered and the alarm sounds the vehicle's horn or optional siren depending on which was installed.
Wheel Safe proprietary wheel sensors install easily and permanently to the inside of the wheel and will not affect the wheel balance.
  • Wheel Safe automatically performs a routine system diagnostic every 24 hours by each sensor "checking in" with the main Control Module.
  • Tire rotations can be performed while the system is in "valet" mode.
  • System has a "learn" mode for enrolling a fifth wheel sensor or rotating sensor locations.
  • The unique Wheel Safe System Status Display confirms system status for each wheel.
  • A fifth optional sensor for external spare wheel is available.
  • Simple three wire installation.
  • System package includes: 4 independent Wheel Safe wheel sensors (a fifth optional sensor for external spare wheel is available), Wheel Safe System Status Dash Display, siren and installation and owner's manual. 
wireless security system

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