Friday, August 5, 2011

Auto Loan Calculator

Simply arranged, clearly explained information on what for many people is the worst part of buying a car - the financing or car-finance. E-loan is a leader in the online loan field and it is easy to see why. Their website is superb offering a secure, short form application that takes only a couple of minutes to complete (although you will have to create a user ID on a secure form to begin). 

Once you have arranged your loan you'll receive a check draft with a maximum amount indicated - you can use this draft to purchase a new or used vehicle from a franchised dealer. There are a few conditions that apply to the vehicle but they are not rigorous and don't apply to new cars being bought for personal use.

You can track the status of your loan application 24X7 and there are lots of useful tools on the site like a glossary of financial terms, a payment calculator and an affordability calculator. Security and privacy are given high priority and there is online and toll-free phone help available.

8 simple steps for buying a car online

We've created the Fast Lane on Where Can I Buy a Car Online so you can get yourself a new car within a matter of hours (or even faster depending on how quickly you make decisions)! Use our recommended links for buying, insuring, financing and warrantying your next car.

  1. Choosing the Right Car for You. Create a list of five cars that match your needs.

  2. Comparing your Top Choices. To make your final decision of a single car.

  3. Get Financing in Place if needed. Using the characteristics of your chosen car apply for financing if needed

  4. Finding your Chosen Car Online. Note that certain manufacturer/location combination will not offer you the option to buy through CarsDirect but will instead direct you to a local dealership.

  5. Insure your New Car Online. Obtain insurance online at your own preference.

  6. Get a Warranty Online. If you want a warranty in addition to what is offered for your new car buy one online at Warranty Direct.

  7. Sell your Old Car. If you'd like to sell your old car online check out CarSlave's sell your car for free offer (available only through Where Can I Buy A Car Online). If your car is simply too decrepit to sell consider donating it to charity.

  8. Tell your friends about Where Can I Buy A Car Online

We hope that you found this page helpful and that this allowed you to quickly and easily obtain your desired new car. And we bet you saved money too.

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