Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aprilia RS125 tpz motorcycle

Naked power, which has evolved over the last 30 years, has made the Aprilia Motorcycle the name to contend with in the world of two-wheeled power racing and high performance motorcycles. It has been an awarded outstanding for its endurance and performance. Teaming up with one of the most outstanding riding talents in recent times Max Biaggi they have notched up ten victories, four doubles wins, and another four podiums.

This year of hallmarks has made Biaggi to be the first Italian in motorcycling history to be the rider world champion. It also made proud Aprilia to the foremost place in the standings of WSBK manufacturing. Currently the Aprilia-Biaggi duo have contracted to tie the 2010 World Superbike Champion in the 250 Moto GP class to the Aprilia mean machine which helped him get there for a period of two years.

Aprilia history started in 1968 with a 50cc gold and blue motorcycle. The next major change was the outsourcing of the engines to Rotax in 1985 with the launching of the 125 SX and the 350 STX happening in the same year. The first road racing victory was recorded for Aprilia in 1987 when Loris Reggiani made history by winning the grand prix. The evolving into a high performance power machine occurred rapidly from here onwards. In 1988 the TRX312M trials bike became the first Aprilia Motorcycle to be imported into he U.S. In 1995 the two strokes RS125 was released. The Apriiia - Biaggi joint world championship history started out in 1997. Piaggio purchased Aprilia in 2004.

Today Aprilia motorcycle is the only non-Japanese manufacturer with a complete range of two-wheeled vehicles and boasts as Europe’s largest producer. It is not just a market leader any more but the motorcycle brand, which is the most prestigious in the racing circuits of the world. As everyone's first thought to have and quote for Aprilla RS125. Always bear in mind drive safe, next into consideration be sure to have your Aprilla motorcycle insurance policy.

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