Tuesday, July 12, 2011

■ Mercedes-Benz CLS-class 2012

Born in 2004, Mercedes-Benz CLS defines a slim, elegant body that seems to be withdrawn completely from the simple sweep of the side body crease. In the car business, fell in love with a design is dangerous, but we do. 

Like the previous spy shots (and a scary concept to lend cue words for the upcoming Benzes) unfolds, we are afraid of generation CLS might be heading toward Hollywood’s plastic surgery disaster.


Although little is closed, the latest photos taken by our spies in 2012 fortunately proved CLS will perform without excessive forms of Style F800 concept, although its form will not be quite as dramatic as the Mercedes CLS-shaped sculpture truck to Detroit. New view does little to end the debate in our office about whether the upcoming car will be improved in the last generation. peep our past in a car wearing a tight camouflage vinyl modifications have been hit with a new design.

mercedes benz

This re-shaped nose with a lattice of larger, more statues to the front bumper, and headlight. the grille has grown to adjust to the high hood, raised to provide more space between sheetmetal and hard bits in accordance with the new standards are stringent European pedestrian protection. (Relatively speaking, sheetmetal softer than machine parts, and more space between the hood and pretend to mean less severe injuries in car / human collision) of the most controversial aspect of the new form. Most likely it will be a new bull-style E-class rear leg, which is clearly beyond the standards established by the elegant CLS conservative first. Like the rest of Mercedes-Benz lineup, the car will be the direction in 2012, more muscular angles.

muscles that will extend under the hood as well, with “” trunk badging CLS350 CGI states that the car was arrested here sporting a new 3.5-liter V-6, the first member of the family Mercedes-Benz engines will come, we will see in the U.S. The remaining options in U.S. CLS engines will be withdrawn from the family’s, a family that will replace the machines when the Mercedes across the board-including the 429 hp twin-turbocharged-, 4.7-liter V-8 and even stronger, 536-hp, turbocharged five-eight 5 liters for AMG models.

The-at this point-almost entirely found CLS will make an official debut later this year, with sales beginning later elsewhere in the world, but most likely not before 2011 in the United States

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