Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DS 90 and DS 70 Youth Sport ATV Renegade

DS 90 and DS 70 Youth Sport ATV Renegade picture

As more ATV drivers have discovered the recreational possibilities of their quad – trail riding and touring with recreation-utility vehicles; desert and riding courses for sport vehicles – a growing number of drivers have had to make big compromises.

The 2009 Can-Am DS 90, DS 90 X and DS 70 ATV's have fun features for kids and peace-of-mind for parents. Features like long-travel suspension, a built-in speed limiter and storage trunk. For 2009, the ultra-cool DS 90 X returns with its added features for performance and styling.

In 2007 Bombardier renamed their ATV line of products to Can-Am. Under this revived Brand, they are offering four different model lines; Renegade, Outlander, DS and Youth. The Renegade like has two models, the Renegade 800 and Renegade 500. An engineer's aspiration, the Renegade gives hardcore enthusiasts exactly what they've been looking for, unmatched power, precise handling and extreme terrain access. Outlander Max, Outlander 800, Outlander 650, Outlander 500 and Outlander 400 ATV’s are series all feature SST frame, TTI rear suspension and more.

Easy-to-operate 90cc or 70cc four-stroke engines. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) means no shifting; Forward/Neutral/Reverse. Long-travel suspension. Cool styling reflecting the Can-Am sport quad DNA. Throttle limiter, full floorboards, day lights. Ergonomics specifically designed for kids. DS 90 X package available

DS 90 and DS 70 Youth Sport ATV's Key Features

  • CVT with F/N/R – Continuously Variable Transmission means the DS is always in the "right gear". Riders can concentrate on the terrain, not shifting. Forward/Neutral/Reverse.
  • Long-travel suspension – Smooth ride and more control in the bumps.
  • Youth ergonomics Riding position and controls are specifically designed to fit the smaller riders these ATVs are intended for.
  • DS styling  – Cool styling reflecting the Can-Am sport quad DNA, so
    the kids can look like their parents and heroes
  • Front storage compartment Easy to bring along what you need or
    take home what you find.
  • Day lights  – Adds visibility and look of a full-size ATV.
  • Full Floorboard – Ensures secure footing and protection from debris, bumps and rocks.

Throw in the "go anywhere" capability of Visco-Lok front differential and you're ready to go pretty much anywhere. Can AM ATV Parts and Can AM ATV Accessories are available from most Can Am ATV Dealers 
DS 90 and DS 70 Youth Sport ATV Renegade picture

DS 90 and DS 70 Youth Sport ATV Renegade picture

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