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■ Cam-An Spyder Roadster: Dream Ride and Survive

This gorgeous Can-Am Spyder is every body wish to ride, why buy Can Am? Beautiful, stylish, powerful stable and safe to ride. A motorcycle with many of the convenience features of a traditional roadster to define a new paradigm for an on-road power sport vehicle.

The unique Y-architecture with three wheels (two in the front, one in the rear) provides stability at rest and in motion, balancing performance needs with safety concerns. The Vehicle Stability System, which includes ABS, traction control and stability control, comes as standard on each vehicle. 

This makes the SPYDER roadster user-friendly and the road accessible to many people who want to enjoy the open-air experience.

Gas Mileage: If there was one area for improvement, it would be the gas mileage. You can expect somewhere between 30-35 mpg depending, of course, on how you ride it. Not bad really considering the fun factor you'll have getting there.
 What is the the Can-Am Spyder Roadster?
  • the Spyder has three wheels, with two at the front and one at the rear

  • the Spyder is unlike any other vehicle on the road, with motorbike performance and car like control

  • the Spyder has car like safety features such as ABS, traction control, EBD, and even power assisted steering

  • the Spyder is powered by a 1,000cc Rotax V-Twinengine producing 110HP

  • the Spyder has an advanced semi-automatic transmission called SE5

The Can-Am Spyder created quite a stir when it debuted last year. The 2009 model comes in an automatic version.

Spyder is built around a Surrounding Spar Technology (SST™) frame, featuring a minimalist steel center beam, surrounding the engine. It minimizes weld points for greater structural integrity. This light and slim frame provides a low center of gravity to enhance stability and handling. Fluid motion stems from the smooth 5-speed gearbox created specifically for the Spyder. It features a true mechanical reverse. An optional thumb-shift sequential electronic transmission offers even greater ease of use. The final beltdrive provides ultra-smooth gearing and easy maintenance. Providing life under the hood is a Rotax® 990cc, V-twin liquid cooled engine. It delivers a strong push and responsive acceleration throughout the power band. Advanced features include double overhead cams and a state-of-the-art electronic fuel management system.

Cam-An Spyder is build with Vehicle Stability System (VSS) a control system they developed in conjunction with Bosch (a German-based leader of technology. There are three parts to the VSS:

  1. The Stability Control System (SCS)  which analyzes the motion of the vehicle and assists the rider in correcting any negative situation. The SCS individually brakes the wheels and reduces excess torque until rider control is regained. 

  2. The Traction Control System (TCS)  which optimizes rear wheel traction to prevent any excess rear wheel spin. Unless, of course, you are in that burn-out factor range where the designers allow you to spin the rear tire as long as you have the Spyder pointed straight. 

  3. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)  that helps  maintain control braking, no matter how quickly you need to come to a stop. 

The perfect stability that runs Cam-An Structure, always necessary to have a complete papers mostly the three wheels insurance. This will help rider to be stable mind and ride safely.

What's Left? To help prevent theft, there is the DESS (Digitally Encoded Security System). The vehicle will not start without the correctly coded key.

The Price: The 2009 stock version, which comes in gray, retails for $15,449. The Spyder in yellow or red add another $400. The SE5 version, you need to add another $1,500. Is it worth the price? You just need to compare it to some of the other vehicles on the market. The Can-Am Spyder Roadster is a "stand alone" vehicle. There is nothing else like it. The Can-Am reps keep the actual number of how many Spyders they have already sold very close to their vest. Best guess is in the 2,500 range with plans to triple that number in 2009. 

Driver's License: There is one state where you will actually need to get a Three-Wheel permit to ride the Spyder - that is Washington. There are two states where just a standard car driver's license will suffice - they are Delaware and California. You will need a motorcycle license for the other 47 states.

Accessories: Can-Am has a complete catalog for accessorizing your Spyder. There are performance products like the exhaust and glamour parts like the six-spoke wheels and beauty rings. If you are into touring, there is an adjustable backrest for your passenger along with tank and tour bags and touring windshields. Can-Am even has a complete line of riding apparel and

Cam-An Spyder Roadster in Black-Red

Cam-An Spyder Roadster in Black-Red

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