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■ BMW M3 Dinan S3-R

BMW M3: Dinan S3-r Super Auto Cars

Under the domes the German V8 grew up in displacement, Dinan has indeed recovered 608 cc. and other polished solution can increase power to 527 horses. Significant is the work done on the suction cubicle with the installation of a high flow intake Carbon fiber, as has been radically customized the exhaust system. Through use of racing components the BMW M3 developed makes his strong voice.

Dinan Cars a well-known Californian tuner on our side and who boasts 30 years of experience, has formed a superlative development of the BMW M3; The Bavarian already sporty configuration of the series is supplied with a surprisingly pronounced aerodynamic, carbon fiber body parts and the many horses that can generate the 4.0-liter V8 engine.

With Dinan S3-R manages to build even the most assertive and strong German coupe, setting up a sports car that calls for merely a ribbon of asphalt to unleash a vast potential and a truly particular and unforgettable.

Preparer’s work overseas has affected mainly the mechanics of the BMW M3; the S3-R is distinguished by a series model for large forged alloy wheel sworn by 275/30 and 295/30 tires, and for attitude visibly depressed. 

Back in the 1970s, a student named Steve Dinan kiss from technical careers for his books bust pumping BMW. One, Ultimate Driving Machine Äâhis turbocharged first place the patch on these pages in 1988, and since then, we, Äôve tested eight BMW Dinan, melt more or less for all of them.

M3 S3-R is a symbol of the kind of tinkering we dared expect from Dinan Engineering, Äôs workshop in Morgan Hill, California, Äîand kind of price. Order from Dinan everything, including engines, suspension, brakes, wheels, fries and a Coke, and the bill came to $ 47,836. That is, after you, Äôve buy BMW M3 Coupe $ 60,575 and $ 1,806 in new tires.

Yes, it, Äôs just a wee bit spendy but it is not usual slap-on from fold-galloons carbon fiber and plastic. (Dinan offers at least four variations on this theme, from the very souped-up S3-R to the M3 only S. cosmetics) that, Äôs the stock 4.0-liter V-8, Aia Valjoux chronograph 25-jewel of a car engine, Äîis pulled right out, The main organs eviscerated. It ahem,, void BMW, Äôs warranty, but Dinan take over and make sure to work the same for four years or 50,000 miles. Dinan, which also builds the BMW, Äôs Daytona Prototype racing machine, then repacks block with a billet crank, forged pistons, connecting rods and lightweight. In the event, gave birth by two millimeters wide, to 94, and extends for 7.8 mm stroke, up to 83.

Thus, in the $ 31,234 machines from a makeover S3-R, Dinan add 609 cc displacement, rechambering engine into the car as a 4.6-liter. Dinan also bore out the throttle body (for greater air flow) and fit a smaller, lightweight crank pulleys to reduce parasitic power losses from the water pump, A / C compressor, and alternator.

Finally, for a particular car, Dinan bolts on the larger, low-restriction air intake and exhaust gas to replace the center with his own stainless steel company, “racing” exhaust pipe (that is, no catalytic converter), which spits thunderclaps and lightning.

With all the internal and external changes tchotchkes, power and fungi, especially in the middle. M3 S3-R peak at 527 horsepower at 7800 rpm, claims Dinan, up 113 and down 500 rpm from stocks. Perhaps more significantly, the stock torque numbers up from 295 pound-feet by 112, to 407, although peak torque is also increased, from 3900 to 5200 rpm.

By car tuner, the question always come down to numbers. Dinan power figures are based on gas-93 octane, which is virtually unobtainable in California only in 1991, where we give the M3 S3-R-licking test track. Nevertheless, should have enough extra power for the chisels ET breaks the stock M3.

Well, the results proved to be complicated.

Dinan think we will change the quarter-mile in the low range of 12-seconds, not 12.5 seconds we actually posted, at 118 mph. Stock lot, m3 manual transmission we have tested only slightly slower (12.6 to 12.9 seconds).

Perform pathology at the numbers, we realized that the cost S3-R M3 itself in the timeline, a rotating tire. Power is nothing without traction, and the car seemed to rise above their own permanent ice. In the dusty desert pavement, easily broken loose fat Michelins in the first and second gear, so there’s no easy car to get out of the hole.

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