Monday, July 4, 2011

Audi: Dodge Durango 2011

CATS Motors launches the all-new Dodge Durango. The all-new Dodge Durango is here and it minces no words when it boasts of being the bet that has ever been. The next generation Durango still has Dodge’s bold and masculine style - that aggressive stance which is sporty but sophisticated. The vehicle’s three row interiors are full of thoughtful touches sure to please the driver and passengers alike. It’s a vehicle for the true outdoorsmen. The 3.6Pentastar V6 engine can tow an impressive 2,812kg.

While only one variant is available in the country, CATS Motors brought in the best – the Durango Citadel 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine. With its signature chrome grille, 20-inch chrome clad wheels, High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, premium Nappa leather trim, Black Comodo Elm woodgrain interior, it is sure to make a strong statement in the city and beyond. But what are most impressive are the standard security features.

Advance multi-stage, full-length side curtain and front seat mounted side thorax air bags are all standard.  Front seat active head restraits move forward and upward in the event of rear end collision are key in preventing injury.  In favorable weather conditions the Durango almost thinks for you.  The front wipers automatically activate upon sensing rain-drops and the new smart brake system helps dry brake rotors.

The Durango is equipped Blind Spot Motoring (BSM) provides dual radar sensors, which constantly monitor driver’s blind spots and warns of any encroaching vehicles with an audible chime and illuminated icons in the side view mirrors. A system apply for the forward collision warning (FCW). The rear back up camera also provides a wide-angle view on the radio screen of the area behind the vehicle.

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