Thursday, July 21, 2011

2012 Ferrari Racing concept for Le Mans

This vehicle is Ferrari Racing concept for Le Mans in 2012, which is designed by Sasha Selipanovym. This Ferrari isn’t like any of the older models.

Sasha Selipanovym started work on the basic elements like the location of the engine. He designed intakes and ducts that are dictated by functionality. Hence here comes the modern, logical yet a perfectly thought out car that doesn’t fits well into the aesthetics of Ferrari.

The bottom line and functions of this machine have been designed without adhering to the rules taken into consideration while making sports prototypes. Lots of elements are borrowed from the F1 cars and the making of this design is marked with herculean effort to find out in the books as to how these parts function.

The concept has been developed for the race at Le Mans in 2012. And the concept has been designed on entirely different lines than the styles or Mazda Furai or the Citroen GT wherein aesthetics strongly predominates over function. source: http://www.luanpa net/ferrari-racing-concept-for-le-mans

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