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2011 kawasaki Ninja 400R for perfect ride

2011 kawasaki Ninja 400R

The new born from Kawasaki blood is now out available right in the market. The Kawasaki 400 er-4F images are now out and are quite stunning. The teaser images were out last week and newer images are now in the market.

The new er-4f is ready to shake the old image that the 400cc earlier had and is ready to rock the market. 

The bike is supposed to match perfectly to the Indian roads with its 43PS of power, ample torque and just the right mix of nimble handling and a comfy, upright seating position.

Main Features
  • Torque and Speed – Great at middle and low rev performance
  • Engine – 400cc new engine
  • The bike features 34mm throttle body that provides excellent throttle response and smooth output characteristics.
  • Lightweight high-tensile steel construction.
  • Nimble handling characteristics.
  • Monoshock placed to the right – for a distinctive body design and great shock absorption.
  • Rear engine mounts and other rubber insertions reduce vibrations
  • Effective wind protection with high-stage windscreen.
  • The central duct at the front reduces air-resistance, contributing to comfort at high speeds.
  • Dual front disc brakes, single rear.
  • To help reduce unsprung weight and sporty look, employs six-spoke wheels.
  • The instrument panel is multi-functional uses of the image of a racing red backlight. Digital Table
  • The speedometer shows, formula bar graph tachometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, clock Display.
  • Dual headlights.
  • The tail lamps are compact and offer excellent visibility using LED bulbs.

Fuel tank capacity – 15L
Seating capacity – 2
Proving ground mileage 37.0km / L (@60km / h ・ reported the Ministry of Land)
Minimum turning radius 2.7m
MSRP ¥ 649,000

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2011 kawasaki Ninja 400R

2011 kawasaki Ninja 400R

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