Monday, July 18, 2011

■ 2008 Dodge Viper

Inspired by the classic AC Cobra of the 1960s, the Dodge Viper is one of the most iconic American cars produced in the last two decades.

The Viper has long been known for producing a staggering amount of powerthe first versions from the early 1990s used a version of Dodges V10 truck engine modified by Lamborghiniand the latest incarnation continues this trend by boosting output up to a staggering 600hp.

Viper Green

At A Glance
2 door, 2 passenger convertible
8.4L V10, 600 hp,
560 lb-ft of torque
Exterior: Snakeskin Green
Interior: Black  

Original versions of the Viper were available only as stripped down roadsters, and while more creature comforts have been added over the years, including a fully enclosed coupe version, the Viper is still a fairly Spartan vehicle by modern standards.

The latest iteration boasts dramatically improved traction, cornering, and stability, along with a refreshed, more aggressive appearance. Our Viper is dressed in the stunning new Snakeskin Green paint scheme, and is presented with the traditional convertible body style.

2008 Dodge Viper

Blue version
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