Saturday, July 16, 2011

■ 2006 Campagna T-Rex : Las Vegas

One of the great things about driving an exotic or luxury car is the number of stares and admiring looks it generates, but even for those familiar with this kind of attention nothing can truly prepare you for the Campagna T-Rex. 

Take a motorcycle, cut it in half (keeping only the engine and rear suspension), then bolt a custom automobile chassis on the front and you get a vehicle completely unlike anything else on the road. 

At A Glance
  • 2 door, 2 passenger roadster
  • -1164L I4, 175 hp,
    99 lb-ft of torque
  • Exterior: Custom Trick Green
  • Interior: Black

 We guarantee that everyone you pass will stare, and when you park you will always draw a crowd. Not a practical car by any meansits loud, its windy, its hard to get into and not particularly comfortableand not recommended for the nervous or the shy, the Campagna T-Rex remains one of the purest street-legal driving experiences available.

To rent this Campagna T-Rex, click here to visit our online reservations page, or call (800) 309-9150 to speak with a Rental Service Associate. This unique and exclusive vehicle is just one of the many ways to experience the joy and excitement of exotic rent a car in Las Vegas.

We hope that Eminence Luxury Services will be your choice for renting Campagna Las Vegas and all of your luxury service needs!

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