Wednesday, June 22, 2011

■ The 2011 Ducati Diavel 1100EVO

The Ducati Diavel 1100EVO, according to the technical director on the Diavel project, the new Duc’s exhaust system, consisting of equal-length 58mm cross-section exhaust headers and dual stacked shorty megaphone cans, is the primary contributor to a 12 hp and 6.5 ft-lb increase over the Multi’s 150 hp and 87.5 ft-lbs.

The Diavel’s airbox is marginally larger than the Mulitstrada’s, but the negligible increase in volume isn’t essential to power gains and is more a matter of technical needs. Additional revisions include different cam timing, as well as reworked intake and exhaust ports.

Mr. Del Torchio went on to explain: “the quality of engineering and quality of excitement are key elements of our development process. The engineering quality of our products has increased dramatically over the last three years and now we are heading at the top of European industry.

The excitement excellent quality, more and more important in this competitive environment, is demonstrated by the inimitable style of our Italian motorcycles and their performance, which offers full and safety for our customers, whether on road or track. “

CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, Claudio Domenicali, is pleased to present the big news of the Ducati 2011 model year range:

The latest ground-breaking Ducati is available in two versions: The brand new Ducati Diavel £12,995 and the flagship Ducati Diavel Carbon £15,495 (red version £15,895) with a character-forming mix of aesthetic and performance components from carbon fibre bodywork to forged and specially machined Marchesini wheels. The Ducati Diavel Carbon will be available in the UK from January 2011.

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